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Entity Ride E-Bike App

It is now easier than ever to ride down to the shops without breaking a sweat, ditching the car to start commuting to work, or even keeping up with a fitter cyclist on longer rides. 

Entity offers you a complete E-Bike System with each component being designed to work in perfect sync with the other. Everything has been created, tested and manufactured together in one location and each aspect of the system has been optimised to give maximum performance and efficiency.

Within our range, we offer a selection of performance levels - tailored to your needs. E100 offers you a solid entry into the world of e-bikes. For the discerning commuter, E200 features a powered up alternative with added features. With our high-performance system - E300 - you won't ever look back as you shred trails up and down the mountains.

All systems have been thoroughly tested to European EN 15194 standards, come with comprehensive manuals and are backed by a 2 years warranty.