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The Crane Folding E-bike at ALDI - Featuring the Entity E100 System



 The E100 e-bike system is set to propel thousands of new e-bike owners on the new Crane electric folding bike on sale at Aldi, March 13th. The E100 system on the Crane Folding E-Bike is a clean and well thought-out integration, that has been well regarded in industry publications.



"The Crane Folding E-Bike is an absolute bargain. The build quality is impressive, its parts are well thought out and it performs as well as bikes double its price"
(read the full review here)





E-bikes make riding just that much easier, allowing you to ride further and flattening even the steepest of hills. The recent developments in e-bikes now make them a real choice for those looking to ride to work, to school or simply enjoy cycling again.

These e-bikes or pedelecs are now so popular because they are the only form of powered transport that don’t require a licence or registration.

This folding e-bike is super simple to own and use. You ride it as you would any other bike, it simply assists you as you pedal. The system senses your pedal strokes and the Samsung battery provides the power to the rear hub motor, assisting you as you ride in a natural way.


Frame Features


The bike is packed with cleverly thought out features that will make your ride, just so much more convenient and easy. The lightweight alloy frame features a low step-through design that is inviting and not intimidating, allowing those less confident riders to put their feet flat should they wish.

With the electronic assistance you don’t need to pedal hard, and hence the riding position is much more comfortable and upright than a regular bike.

It’s the small details that define the bike - like the Teflon coated seat tube that makes saddle height adjustments clean and easy to do. Additionally, there are full-length outer cables to reduce maintenance on the bike – these are all neatly routed through the frame and zippered cable guide. Even the kickstand is a solid alloy unit designed to withstand years of use.

The frame also features a rear rack with elasticated straps for carrying bags or groceries. The neat integration of the bell into the brake lever is a welcome addition on the bike too. 

The bike is simple to fold and features the same easy-to-use locking mechanism on the handlebar assembly as the frame. To fold away, first, undo the stem, and fold the handlebar down. Fold the pedals and then unlock the frame hinge, and fold. You will notice that there are two magnets that clamp the bike together. This holds the frame together and the bike can then be transported on trains or stored in a convenient location without taking up space like a traditional bike.


For comfort - a wide, padded, and sprung saddle has been provided. The mudguards, chain guard make the riding the bike dirt free and pants friendly. It’s the combination of alloy and stainless steel components make it durable and low maintenance.

Suitable for riders of height from 150cm to 185cm this bike will redefine what riding a bike can be like.


E-Bike Features


The E100 system is well explained on the Entity website, however, in this application, the 36 volt, 7.8 amp hour battery cells are manufactured by Samsung, and provide enough power for up to 50km of assisted riding.

Importantly, the battery can be charged either whilst locked to the bike, or if you prefer you can unlock it from the bike and charge it separately.

The LCD handlebar is a significant step up compared to common LED displays, and it shows you all the necessary and useful information required whilst riding (speed, trip, assistance level, and even error codes)

From the display, you can turn the unit on by holding the "M" button down (make sure the battery switch is ON as well!). Additionally, you can change the level of assistance provided by the motor. At the maximum level, the system is rated to 250 watts and can provide assistance up to 25km/hr - which is the Australian standard.

You can also switch the lights off and on by holding down the plus button. You will notice that the rear brake light also works during the day for additional safety. The front light also provides dazzling high lumen output – that can be used in real-world conditions. Whilst the light is on, the LCD dims so as not to blind the rider. 

Holding down the minus button engages the walk-assist function. Should you want to walk the bike up a steep hill, or just want to get started without pedalling, simply hold down the button and the bike will start moving at walking pace.

If you don't plan to use the bike any time soon, make sure to turn off the battery switch as well. Don't worry, in case you forget, the battery management system will switch off the system automatically top preserve the battery charge and protect the system. In this case, just flip the switch to "OFF", then "ON" to get riding again.




This iteration of the E100 is combined with a Shimano 7 speed drivetrain providing power to the rear wheel. A rear hub motor was chosen as it gives the most natural assistance and doesn’t affect the handling of the bike.

Hub motors also have the additional benefit in that they do not strain the drivetrain, unlike a mid-motor, and hence the bike features a 7 speed Shimano drive train, complete with the easy to use grip shifter. This provides a gear range that is suitable under power assistance, plus for those times when the bike is pedalled unassisted. This makes the bike a lot more user-friendly compared to a single speed e-bike.




Frame Lightweight alloy, low step-through, smart hinge mechanism. Teflon seat tube. 
Front fork Steel, 20 inch 
Headset Integrated
Handlebar Alloy width 560mm
Stem Lightweight alloy folding stem with quick release
Long stem Alloy
Grip Dual compound rubber
Shifter Shimano right 7-speed revo shifter
Bottom Bracket Sealed B.B. 
Crankwheel Prowheel 44T Alloy
Chain KMC C50
Chainguard 44T transparent
Freewheel Shimano TZ21 7-speed freewheel
Rear derailleur Shimano TY21 direct mount
Pedal Alloy folding pedal
Brake lever Entity EBL-100, alloy brake lever with electric cut off with bell 
Front and rear brake Alloy V brake
Front hub Alloy 36H
Spoke 304 stainless steel, 13G
Rim Alloy double wall 20"*1.5*36H
Tire CST C3022, 20"*1.75
Tube CST 20*1.75 A/V valve
Seatpost Oversized alloy 33.9mm dia, 580mm length
Saddle Oversized with elastomer suspension
Seatpost screw Alloy quick release
Rear rack For Entity EBR-100 battery, max 25kg
Kickstand Alloy, 20 inches
Rear derailleur guard Two-hole, thick steel
Strap Length 580mm
Front light 36V battery power supply, high power front light
Rear light 36V battery power supply, daytime brake light
Mudguard PVC 
Display Entity EDS-100, LCD display
Rear hub motor Entity ERM-100, 36V, 250W
Controller Entity ECU-100, 36V, 250W
Sensor Entity ECS-100, cadence sensor, 12 magnetic points
Charger Entity EBC-200, output 42V 2A, Australian connector (ST charger)
Battery Entity EBR-100, 36V 7.8AH, with battery lock, Samsung cell smart battery
Cable Management  Zippered braided cable management


Support and Warranty


The Crane folding e-bike is backed by 12 months warranty and has local spares and support for any aftermarket needs. Spare batteries, chargers and replacement parts are available through and