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E200 Series


  • Entity Ride Mobile App
  • Powerful Commuter
  • Performance and range calculation
  • Mobile phone connectivity and charging
  • 468 Wh Battery with BMS
  • Plus all E100 Features

For the determined commuter, the E200 series carries all the features you need. An upgraded motor provides additional torque for conquering steeper climbs at a faster pace. Go further too, and recharge less with the 468Wh smart battery. The increased battery capacity means you can ride further without worrying if you are going to run out of charge. The E200 series is the first in the Entity series that can connect to the Entity E-Bike Smartphone App. Performance statistics and distance calculators are all at your fingertips. And don't worry about your phone - the E200 display has an inbuilt USB-charger.

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