Entity DG30 Chaincleaner 120ml

AUD $9.99
Approx. USD $6.99


A clean bike is a fast bike! If your chain is leaving black marks on your calves or sounds and feels gritty, it’s time for a full degrease and re-lube to bring it back to life.

The Entity DG30 Chain Cleaner is specifically formulated by our product engineers and partners and features water based eco-friendly ingredients to remove oil, grime and abrasive dirt from the chain - reducing friction and wear to drivetrain components and improving shifting.

DG30 degreaser can be used on a clean rag and wiped on the chain or other dirty components, used in conjuction with Entity Chain Scrubber DG45 or even diluted down with water for a general bike wash.


Directions of use:

  1. Wash the drivetrain with clean water.
  2. Remove excess water with a dry cloth.
  3. Apply the Entity Chain Cleaner DG30 to the chain, spinning the pedals backwards. Use a brush to remove grime build ups.
  4. Use clean water to rinse the chain cleaner off.
  5. Dry off the chain and apply Entity LB 30 Dry Lube.

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